2017 Official Tournament Rules

  1. The 5th Annual AMMILVETS Redfish Shootout rules and regulations for 2017 are as follows
  2. The 5th Annual AMMILVETS Redfish Shootout will be a shotgun start, and will commence in Matlacha Pass. All participants in the Boat Division must check in with the tournament starting officials at Red Marker 78 by 7:30 AM.
  3. The entry fee for the 2017 tournament is as follows, $350.00 Per Boat Team (3 Anglers). Additional $100.00 for 4th angler. Tournament may be rescheduled due to extreme weather.
  4. Prizes are awarded to the Captains of the team, or Winner of individual Calcutta’s; each team may only weigh in a maximum of 2 Redfish, 1 Trout, and 1 Snook per team of tournament anglers. 
  5. Tournament is bait of choice. Receiving bait from an outside source during tournament hours is prohibited.
  6. 5th Annual AMMILVETS Redfish Shootout teams are allowed to wade; tournament boats may not run their motor while they have team members in the water. Waders must remain within 75 yards of the tournament boat. Tournament anglers wading must land their own fish.
  7. Teams are allowed to weigh in only once. Teams will not be able to weigh-in early and attempt to upgrade their weight. Once teams have weighed a single fish they will not be able to upgrade their weight or fish quantity.
  8. This is a catch & release tournament. All fish must be released alive after weigh-in. Dead Redfish or Snook possessed by any team of tournament anglers may not be discarded. A dead  Redfish or Snook are considered harvested and will count as the daily bag limit for the team of tournament anglers who harvested that fish. There is a 1 lb. penalty for the 1st Dead fish and Disqualified for the 2nd Dead fish; your fish will be determined dead or alive at the scale. No iced or mutilated fish will be accepted.
  9. Each team of tournament anglers may possess no more than 2 live Redfish, 1 live Snook, and 1 Trout in the boat's livewell or recirculating tank at any one time
  10. All boats used in the tournament must contain recirculating or aerated livewell that are at least 2.4 cubic feet or 18 gallons in capacity;
  11. Tournament will be an Shotgun Start, All participants in the Boat Division must check in with the tournament starting officials at Red Marker 78 by 7:30 AM.
  12. All teams must be checked-in or be in the check-in line by the events determined deadline announced at Captains Meeting. Teams will be penalized 1/2 lb. for every minute late after the deadline. 
  13. No angler at any time may alter any fish by length or weight with the intention of gaining advantage over another competing team. In addition, no angler may hand or force feed any tournament fish.
  14. No tournament boats may come together for any reason or pass anything between boats during tournament hours. Exception made for emergency purposes, or in the weigh-in line.
  15. All fish must be caught alive in a sporting manner. Foul hooked fish cannot be weighed in. A fouled hooked fish is defined as any fish that does not have at least one hook in the mouth region. 
  16. No changing of boats without tournament director's approval. Replacement boat must be checked in at tournament boat prior to restart. Any team towing another tournament boat in must contact tournament officials.
  17. In the 5th Annual AMMILVETS Redfish Shootout, the tie breaker will be decided by the time each team completes their weigh-in.
  18. Any participant under the age of 18 not fishing with an adult 18 years or older shall sign a permission slip provided from 5th Annual AMMILVETS Redfish Shootout Officials.
  19. All contestants are required to follow all applicable federal, state, and local statutes, rules, and regulations (laws); any violations of such laws may result in disqualification from that particular event or expulsion from the Tournament Series. This includes slow or idle zones and manatee areas.
  20. Anglers may fish anywhere on tournament waters accessible by boat, except areas designated as off limits or no fishing by local, state, federal, or American Military Veterans Foundation officials, or within 100 yards of a competitors boat actively engaged in fishing unless invited in. The definition of "actively engaged in fishing" is a boat with the trolling motor in operation with anglers fishing, a boat held in place by anchor, push pole, or Power Pole, or one or more anglers wading. There will be no fishing within 500 yards of the weigh in site.
  21. All boats used in tournament competition must contain recirculating or aerated live wells that are at least 18 gallons in capacity. All competing boats must have all required US Coast Guard safety equipment. For the safety of all competitors, All 5th Annual AMMILVETS Redfish Shootout teams are required to have kill or ignition cutoff switches during operation of the combustion engine. Fuel may be carried only in factory installed fuel tanks. Additional fuel may be purchased from a retail facility.
  22. No angler may fish in the confines of any commercial marina. A commercial marina is defined as any marina with a guide dock, boat ramp, bait dispensing facility and/or fuel dock. In addition there will be no fishing within 250 yards of any public boat ramp, guide dock/ramp, bait dock, or fuel dock not in a commercial marina.
  23. Sportsman Rule- All participants in the 5th Annual AMMILVETS Redfish Shootout will conduct themselves in a sportsman-like manner during all 5th Annual AMMILVETS Redfish Shootout activities. Unacceptable behavior will result in expulsion from all future American Military Veterans Foundation events. Disqualification or misconduct in any other fishing tournament within 36 months prior to the tournament date is grounds for an application not being accepted or returned. The 5th Annual AMMILVETS Redfish Shootout may refuse any tournament application, or deny a previous application by returning the entry fee or balance of fees to the Captain. Entry fees are non-refundable, and non-transferable.
  24. Polygraph tests may be given at this event for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Places, Bully Red, and Monster Snook Challenges. Each contestant agrees to submit, by their signature on the official entry form, to the polygraph test to determine the results of the tournament and shall not contest the results. Failure to be available for the test is grounds for disqualification. If weigh master of polygrapher determines that an angler is unable to take a test, all prizes and will be forfeited. Polygraph tests may be required up to one week after the event.
  25. Protests are allowed up to 30 minutes after the last boat weighs in. All protests must be in writing and accompanied by $300 fee. If protest is upheld the fee will be returned, if denied, tournament will retain the protest fee. A polygraph test will be given to determine protest. Weigh master reserves the right to retain any fish for further inspection.
  26. The 5th Annual AMMILVETS Redfish Shootout retains the right to amend or add/delete to these published rules at any time during the tournament in order to maintain the quality and competitiveness of the Tournament.